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When someone asks you all of a sudden to tell the name of foods that start with E! You don’t remember that time, even if you know that, or you can’t say more than five to six.


Am I right? The same thing happened to me, too.


So I thought that if these foods can share in a way that everyone remembers. Also, knows a different kind of food that begins with the letter E and tries to have it at least once. 


All of the following E foods have some excellent taste, and people like to eat. 


Frankly speaking, I don’t know which food is your favorite, but now it’s my challenge to add your favorite one to this list. If I do and find your name, please tell me in the comment section.


If I can, ping in the comment box at the end of the article, and let us know which is food starting with E is your favorite.


let’s get started

See At A Glance

What are the breakfast foods that start with the letter e?


When we talk about healthy breakfast foods that begin with E, Egg’s first food comes to mind.


This is a collection of exciting breakfast foods that start with the letter e that usually eat at morning tea.

These are the foods beginning with the letter E


1. Eggs

Eggs are one food that carries most of the vital vitamins, protein, fat, etc.


This is a readily available breakfast food that starts with E. Eggs can be eaten in various ways, boiled, fried, poached.


These various egg dishes are very easy to make and quick. Eggs are a food that can eat everyone from children to adults.

The benefit of eggs as breakfast- 

  •  Egg maintain weight
  •  The most reliable source of Choline
  •  Rich in omega 3
  •  Increases HDL
  •  Eggs contain selenium, phosphorus.
  •  Daily intake of boiled eggs fulfills zinc, calcium, high-quality proteins requirements.
  •  Eggs are good for hair and skin as well.
  • Egg yolk contains vitamin D.


2. Eggs Sardou


Eggs Sardou is generally Louisiana Creole breakfast food.


It makes with poached egg, fresh green spinach, artichoke, and great Hollandaise gravy.


3. Egg sandwich


This is one of my favorite breakfast food you know; pair of bread and 3-4 slices of fresh tomato, boiled egg, or sometimes poached egg, some time mayonnaise in it make my breakfast.


4. Egg chorizo wrapped


American favorite breakfast option.


5. Ensaimadas

The best and common Spanish breakfast is Ensaimadas.


Ensaimadas is a fluffy and sugary dough pastry with cheese, melted butter, and sugar sprinkles.


It is a Spanish breakfast but more prevalent in Bulacan and Filipinos.


6. Egg Burritos


Mexican breakfast food is egg burritos. Burritos made with eggs, potatoes, tortillas include bacon.


7. Espresso


Originated the Italian most popular breakfast drink is Espresso.


It is a thicker coffee and has an incredible amount of magnesium and vitamin B2 &3.


8. English muffin

English Muffin an excellent option for American breakfast.


English muffin regular shape flat yeast bread served with cheese, sausage, egg, or bacon.


9. Éclair

An oblong pastry normally filled with chocolate frozen and creamy or custard. Éclair is a french breakfast food that starts with E as well.


10. Eggs Benedict


It’s a famous English breakfast, which has English muffins and topped with poached egg, famous Canadian bacon, and creamy hollandaise sauce.


Egg benedict is most familiar in New York.


11. Elevenses

Short breakfast at 11 am and take some tea or drinks and snacks.


12. Egg in the basket


Simple yet easy making American breakfast.


The bread is cut into rounds in the middle and fried with eggs.


13. Energy bar

Most Americans prefer it over breakfast.


Energy bars contain a lot of high energy cereals. Due to being very busy, it is a continuation instead of breakfast.


Now it popular in many countries.


14. Eggo cereal

Eggo cereal is the most wanted breakfast cereal in America.


15. Eggs bourguignon – 


Another name is Oeufs en meurette. 


Traditional breakfast in Burgundian. It makes with poached eggs and Burgundian sauce.



16. Energy Drink

Energy drink the same as coffee, and the drinks contain a high amount of caffeine.


17. Egg Neptune


Another popular breakfast food that begins with the letter E is Egg Neptune.


It is a brunch dish of English muffin and hollandaise sauce with juicy crab meat.


18. Enchilada

It is corn-based rolled filled with savory sauce or meats, vegetables.


19. Egg bhurji


Egg bhurji or Egg bhujia generally originated from India. 


It’s a scrambled egg with chopped onions, spices, and green chilis.


So these are all typical breakfast foods. Therefore, if anyone asks you, what are breakfast items that start with e? 

Here you go.


Now come to

foods that start with e

Lists of Foods that Start With E


Above all, include your E food lists, but those only eat breakfast.


E foods List- 


20. Eggplant


Eggplant is a soft vegetable. Eggplant comes in different colors like dark purple, white, and light green. This edible vegetable can grow in the garden and has a lot of edible seeds inside. 

You can eat as deep-fried, curry or soup.

Other eggplant names are brinjal and bengan. You can check in foods that start with B.


21. Eggo


Eggo is waffles use as quickly make breakfast. For an extra delicious taste, add some strawberry jelly.


22. Escargot


Escargot is a typical French meal. It is actually a soup of land snails and seasoning with different sauces. If you go to any French restaurant, their special item should be Escargot.


23. Easter punch

Easter punch is a drink you can say party food starting with E.

Easter punch can make two ways, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. And serve as different flavors like- pineapple, strawberry, and so on.


24. Ecrevisse


This is a French food that starts with E. Ecrevisse means crayfish. ( see at food begin with C).

This is mainly seafood and looks like a lobster, but its size is smaller than a lobster and crustaceans. You can eat after a boil.


25. Elbow macaroni


Elbow macaroni is small carve cylindrical pasta. It is easy to make a lunch meal.



26. Escallop


Escallop is thin boneless meat like veal usually eat with vegetables or rice. 


27. Egg salad


There is nothing as simple as an egg salad. Just boiled, cut into pieces, and add into salad. Your boring salad becomes exciting and tasty with protein.


28. Egg roll

Easy to make snacks/appetizers that start with E.Take a flatbread and put it into the fried egg. 


Add some green chilies and onion or your favorite veggies, add tomato sauce, roll the bread, and go with your egg roll. Egg roll very popular as Indian street food.


29. Edda

Edda is a tuber root of tropical starch.


30. Emblic


Another name of Emblic is Indian Gooseberry, amla, Amalaki, and Malacca tree.


Emblic is a tropical fruit of southeastern Asia. It has high antioxidant properties. Emblic can help increase immunity. It contains vitamin C.


31. Easter ham


Easter Ham has popular in different names like- Honey Ham, smoked ham, and spiral ham. 


32. Elderberries

Elderberries are edible fruits that starting with E. These fruits are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, minerals as well.


Elderberries have a tangy taste. Usually not eat in row form because its seed may cause diarrhea and muscle cramps. It is deep bluish-purple in color.


33. Elver

Young Eel knows as Elver.


34. Empanadas

It is the most famous Latin American food that starts with E.


Empanadas is a flaky doughnut filled with meat, vegetables, fruits, and other edible stuff. This one is also popular in Spain and Portugal. Serve with vanilla icecream.


35. Entrecote


French E food is a beef cut like cool way and made for beef steaks. Entrecote is known as Cote de boeuf.


36. Ensalada de Fruta

Mexican mix fruit salad


37. Emmental

Emmental is semi-hard cheese makes from cow’s milk. Popular in the Swiss region.


It has a hole in it—the perfect cheese for making sandwiches.


38. Escarole

Escarole is the best vegetable for salad. It has a slightly bitter taste. This leafy fresh green veggie makes your salad on another level.  You can eat it as soup also.


39. Endive

Endive is also the same as escarole. Use in the salad.


40. Erbazzone


Erbazzone is originated from Emilia. It is a snack that starts with E and is filled with chard, bacon, egg, onion.


41. Edamame


Edamame is just another term that could be eaten out of the pudding of immature soybean. 


They make a wholesome snack for busy people and are also very delicious with high alimentary.


42. Estragons

Estragons are the foods that start with E, and these are leafy green usually use for flavoring. 


43. Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant Parmesan is a famous Italian food beginning with E. The food makes from deep-fried eggplant, tomato sauce, and lots of cheese.

44. Eel

Have you ever tried Eel!

Then it’s time to try once, and I’m sure you can’t forget its flavor. Generally, Eel is a fish that looks like snack freshwater fish.

Its slim figure with a soft creamy texture makes any seafood dish into another level. Most popular in Japanese cuisine and known as Unagi. They eat with a sushi roll.

45. Emmer 

Emmer bread is famous in Netherland, turkey, and Switzerland.


46. Entomatadas


Entomatadas is the most well known Mexican meal that starts with E, a tortilla platter made of folded maize fry in oil and dips in tomato sauce.


47. English sole

If there is one more delicious fish globally, it is the English Soul. 


It is served with a dedicated food item. It is perfect for those who are very conscious of calories. The rich amount of protein present in the English sole.


48. Echicha


Echicha is an African dish that includes palm oil, cassava, and pigeon pea.


49. Easter eggs

Easter eggs are mainly a children’s game where children find the egg called eggs to hunt. And the eggs are made in such decorative ways.

50. Enset

Enset is Native to African fruit that begins with E. It belongs to the banana family.

Enset looks like a banana, thus know as a false banana.


51. Egg noodles


Egg noodles are most prominent in Asian countries. Noodles dough mixed with egg and make it healthy and tasty as well.

52. El Koura

El koura is Mediterranean food that starts with E. It’s popular among European, Middle East, and North African countries. El Koura basically lentils soup.

foods that start with e

53. Emmenthaler


Emmenthaler is a typical soft Swiss Cheese with a sleek texture. This is made from cow’s milk with a fruity aftertaste—a great option for cheese sandwich lovers.

54. Earth nut

Earth nut is none other than a peanut. Peanuts have versatile used to eat.

55. Edikang lkong

Also, name with Edikaikong. Edikang lkong is native to Nigeria. This is a traditional vegetable soup.

56. Elephant ears

Elephant ears are not real elephant ears. Elephant ears are Canadian snacks that start with E, which usually make when they have their carnivals.

57. Ehden

Popular Mediterranean overcooked meat food that begins with E.

58. Egg fruit

Egg fruit is a typical food of central America and Mexico. Its tastes like custard.

59. Ensaimada

It’s a typical Spain sweet bread and native to Spain. The bread is filling with pumpkin or chocolate and sometimes custard.

60. Espagnole

Brown caramel sauce.


61. Emu apple

Emu apple is an exotic fruit find Australia. Another name cranberries. It tastes like a spicy apple. 


62. Egg Tart

Egg Tart is native to Cantonese dessert sweet pastry.  It is stuffed with creamy egg custard with caramel.


Escabeche is another exotic food that begins with E— A typical Mediterranean fish dish that is richly marinated before.


African spicy stew.


Eclairs are a french pastry with chocolate icing.

66. Egg Chawmin

It is the most common and popular Asian noodles with scrambled eggs.

67. Evaporated milk

About 60 % of the water removed from the milk is called evaporated milk. This milk is generally used to make pastries, cakes, sweets, desserts, and other dairy products. 

68. Eru

Originated in Nigeria. Eru is green spinach/Okazi soup.

69. Egg drop soup

Egg drop soup is well known Chinese foods that start with E. Egg drop soup mainly eats at dinner.

70. Edam

Originated in Netherland, Edam is a cheese makes from goat’s milk or cow’s milk.

71. Empire

Empire is an apple similar to Mclntosh.


72. Escovitch fish

Typical Jamaican meal starts with e—Escovitch spicy fried fish.

73. Egg tong sui

Most popular in Asian cuisine. Sweet dessert with beaten eggs.

74. Eleusine coracana

Also known as Finger millet. Eleusine coracana is an excellent source of calcium.

75. English walnut

English walnut is loaded with natural protein with a healthy fat. English walnut is an Asian walnut tree also see in Europe and North America.

76. Embutido

Embutido is a Mexican meatloaf makes from ground pork and veggies.



77. Eggnog

Eggnog is a creamy drink to eat, especially at carnivals.


78. Egg fried rice

Egg fried rice is the most common and favorite food among Asian countries, but its recipe varies.

79. Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest among all olive oil. This is the least refined olive oil.

80. Elk

The meat of Elk is luscious to taste and tender.


81. Emperor

California red grapes.

81. Enfrijoladas

Mexican foods start with E. It is a flat corn pancake with bean sauce.


What is Indian food that starts with the letter E?


82. Erusery- South Indian meal curry made with either meat or veggies and served with rice. 

83. Ela Neeru- Coconut water

84. Ellu pod- Ellu podi is a sesame seed lentils powder and uses in idli, dosa, and South Indian rice.


85. Enchor Sabji- Enchor sabji is a typical Bengali curry makes from immature jackfruit.

86. Ellu urundai sweet- Sesame seed laddu with jaggery for sweet taste.

87. Ennai kathirikai- South Indian eggplant curry.

88. Elaneer payasam- Indian dessert makes from fresh coconut and milk.

FAQS on Foods that beginning with E

Q1. What are Thanksgiving foods that start with e?


Easy Pumpkin pie- 

Easy pumpkin pie originated in the United States for Thanksgiving food. It is a healthy and sweet taste with pumpkin nutrition.


Q2. foods that start with el

  • Ellu urundai sweet
  • Elaneer payasam
  • Ellu podi
  • Ela Neeru
  • Elk
  • Eleusine coracana
  • Elephant ears
  • El Koura
  • Elevenses
  • Elbow macaroni
  • Elver

Q3. foods that start with em

  • Emperor
  • Embutido
  • Empire
  • Emu apple
  • Emmenthaler
  • Emmer
  • Emmental
  • Empanadas
  • Emblic

Q4. foods that start with ex

  • Extra virgin olive oil

Q5. Food words that start with e and end with y

Erusery is the food that starts with e and ends with y. Erusery is a South Indian authentic meal.

Q6. What is a vegetable that starts with E?

If you are looking for what is a vegetable that starts with e, then the answer is Endive. Endive is a leafy bitter taste vegetable that belongs to the Cichorium family. 


The scientific name is Cichorium endivia. Endive contains Folate, vitamin K, and vitamin A.

High fiber present in Endive. A unique compund Kaempferol is present in Endive.

Q7. What fruit starts with the letter ‘E‘?

Want to know what fruit starts with the letter E, then here you go – Eggplant.


We all know eggplant, right! We can eat eggplant in various dishes with rice, roti, chapati, etc.


It cooked either deep-fried or curry.

Wrap on foods that starting with E

That’s all. All these food you can use as picnic food beginning with e. Some of them even take in the snacks time or dinner time in other countries. 


When I enlisted those foods that start with E, I love to eat some of the E foods I don’t even know before.


The same things happen in you also.


For now, you may know and explore these alphabetical food lists.


I’ve tried to coverup here as much as possible, but there are so many foods out there in this world with so much food starting with E that it wasn’t possible to bring them all here. 


So when you read and know the names of e-foods that have been left out, mentioned in our comment section, so that I can add them.


If you like this e-food list and learn something new, be sure to share it with your friends.


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Written By: Saikat Bera ( Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology)

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