Can Craving Cucumber During Pregnancy Predict Gender (2021)

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Hey! Are you craving Cucumber during pregnancy and want to know whats that means!

Yeah, I went through the same experience, while there were some odd preferences in the add ons.

It’s natural to crave while pregnant, but is your food safe for these days? Therefore my question is cucumber safe during pregnancy?

I researched a lot, asked my doctor, then comes to these points.

The answer is Yes, it is safe during pregnancy. But in limited intake. After knowing the answer first comes to my mind, then whats it means?

Yes, it is safe to use during pregnancy, however, only in limited quantities.

So, what do cravings mean -Is craving cucumber while pregnant associated with Gender? Or something else!

Oh, That’s a mixing situation. And see what! I got the answer and going to share it with you.

Cucumbers are safe and have some tremendous health benefits during pregnancy. Cucumber contains water, vitamin B, which is good for mood health. Thus Cucumber good for your baby’s health. In the old wives’ tale, craving cucumber during pregnancy indicates the baby boy is on the way.

Though, there is no scientific evidence for it. The Gender of a baby always relates to genetics. Yet, the assumption of whether it’s a girl or boy can be a fun game.

In my case, I was craving orange juice, carrot, and bitter gourd, obviously chocolate a lot, and I have a baby girl.

I hope you get your answer in short. However, there is a lot to know about a cucumber that can affect pregnancy, so don’t skip the Question and Answer section.

I am pretty much sure about it. You’ll be beneficial.

Keep reading with a cup of decaf coffee. Do you know decaf coffee is healthier than normal coffee during pregnancy?


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What does it mean for Craving cucumbers while pregnant?

Cucumbers are incredibly hydrating fruits. Suppose you do not take sufficient water its leads to dehydration. Cucumbers have much and are more delicious than a glass of water. Thus your body wants to hydrate via eating cucumbers.

Another reason for craving cucumbers in pregnancy is -Cucumbers also help to reduce sugar cravings. So, keep some cut into bite pieces add some sea salt and black pepper to enjoy as an appetizer.

If you detect some weird lethargy, swelling, or other problems, consult your doctor immediately.

Craving spicy food while pregnant or in early pregnancy safe ?

Is craving cucumbers while pregnant, boy or girl?

Frankly speaking, it’s storytelling by old wives. Cucumber craving means you have a boy in your womb. My sister loves cucumbers and she gets a princess. I crave cucumber and other weird stuff I have a baby boy.

So, it varies from person to person, there is no scientific evidence regarding it. Yet I must loudly say during our expecting time this kind of little things create quite fun for us. It can relieve the pain. You know. right?

Are bored while your pregnancy then see my checklist of what fun things you can do. Trust me It really helpful to both of us-mother and child. Make your motherhood memorable.

Cucumber during pregnancy safe or not? 

Cucumber during pregnancy is reliable and quite beneficial. It bears water that can help to hydrated during this time. In particular summer, we come up dehydrated and full of tiredness. Eating Cucumber can be beneficial at this point.

It carries a great volume of water and salt. That is why frequent urination may occur.

Consult your doctor if you want to add it to your regular diet. They can tell you the perfect solution depending on your health condition.

If it is not allergic to you and your doctor tells you to drink or eat, let me tell you about its benefits and nutrition list.

I must say cucumber is safe and good while pregnant but If you are allergic or have some health issues like suffering from gastric problems, hepatitis, nephritis, gastric reflux disease, and colitis are not suitable for you.

This scenario cucumber not for them, thus some doctors not suggested cucumber while expecting.

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Are cucumbers acidic?

No, Cucumbers are generally alkaline fruits that can help to reduce acidity.

Nutritional value of cucumber:

  • Again it carries minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, and a rich source of potassium.
  • It contains nutrients like water, calories, proteins, fiber, sugar, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Cucumbers are a pack of nutrition like nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.
  • Cucumber contains Vitamins such as vitamin C, E, K, and vitamin B6, B1, B2. It also contains pantothenic acid, niacin, etc.

Now you can decide how important it is, especially during pregnancy, because of these nutrients. It is the best vegetable during pregnancy. Though it’s fruits some people include it in the vegetable list.

I tell you about the benefits of cucumber in pregnancy.

craving cucumber during pregnancy

What are the Benefits of Cucumber in Pregnancy?

I tell you about the benefits of Cucumber in pregnancy.

Cucumber, Cucumis sativus belongs to the gourd family. It is a fruit of a creeping vine but takes as a vegetable.

The fruit of Cucumber is entirely composed of water about (95%) and almost negligible fat.

The importance of cucumbers during pregnancy.

1. Perfect for weight-maintaining:

Cucumbers are low in calories. So if you want to lose weight, then cucumber is one of the best options. It prevents weight gain.

It contains a high amount of water because of that feeling charged for a more extended period.

2. Vitamins:

Vitamins are essential for a healthy life. It helps to strengthen your bone and teeth. Nay, but it also boosts your body’s immunity power.

Do you know vitamin B is perfect for mood health and reduces your stress? Yes, it heels a lot.

3. Dehydration in summer:

During pregnancy, dehydration is common, especially in summer. But cucumber contains lots of water that helps maintain your body, and don’t worry about your electrolyte imbalance.

4. Skin Protection:

Cucumber is perfect for your skin because of its cooling property. It stretches your skin and gives you a convincing look. It refreshes your skin. We all know cucumber is applying to the face during facials.

5. Prevent swelling:

It is a natural diuretic that prevents swelling. It is one of the most popular benefits of cucumber during pregnancy.

6. Constipation:

Fiber is one of the essential micronutrients present in cucumbers.

Fibers are mainly two types of soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. The most exciting part is the cucumber contains both fibers. 

Soluble fibers help to maintain a lower cholesterol level and are also perfect for blood sugar. That’s why fiber-containing foods are given to diabetes patients. Insoluble fibers help to melt your stools, which helps in constipation.

7. Minerals:

As we early said about the list of minerals, those are perfect during pregnancy.

As per the study, minerals help fetal improvement and helps in growth.

Now you can get your queries details about what is the benefits of cucumber in pregnancy.

Let’s talk about some common side effects that occur during pregnancy.

cucumber during pregnancy

Side effects of cucumber during pregnancy

i. Toxicity:

Cucumber contains triterpenoids (tetracycline) and cucurbitacins. These are toxins, and some studies say they are also deadly.

ii. Hyperkalaemia may occur:

Potassium is one of the best minerals present in cucumber. If you take too much, it may be bloating, cramps, and some kidney problems. 

iii. Allergies:

If you have any allergies, try to avoid cucumbers.

These are the reasons for avoiding cucumbers during pregnancy.

Let’s talk about how to eat cucumbers, especially during pregnancy time.

How to eat or drink cucumber during pregnancy

As we all know, raw fruits and vegetables should avoid during pregnancy. If you want to eat, clean it. Do not eat previously cut fruit.

  • You can eat with a sandwich along with a tomato. Steamed cucumber also a perfect option.
  • Fresh cucumber you can add to your salad.
  • Sometimes we crave cucumber juice, don’t worry, it’s your love for your cucumber.
  • You can add cucumber juice to your healthy lifestyle but not an excessive amount.
  • you can eat raw cucumber in pregnancy with salads. but keep in mind to wash any foods properly to avoid parasites.

I think now you can decide how to apply it in your life and the importance of it. Ok, go to your queries regarding cucumber and pregnancy.

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Here some Products You Can use to Make Cucumber Juice

We all enjoy starting the day with a glass of fresh juice. If you enjoy juice, you will need a juicer that can produce various types of juice while preserving the natural taste and minerals.

I know it’s hard to select a product when everyone claims to be the best, but I’m going to tell you about my all-time favorite products that make my life so much easier.

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Mueller Austria Juicer has a modern, sleek design and a long-lasting stainless steel cover. That is the product I enjoy the most and have been using for the past six months without complaint. Yes, the sound is a little high, but not excessively so.

The most appealing feature is the availability of dual-speed options. It means you can run at a slower pace for softer fruits like oranges, cucumbers, and tomatoes. The blade’s speed ranges from 12k to 15k RPM.

In the case of harder fruits, such as carrots, beets, and others, you can use the second option, which is faster than the first. The RPM ranges from 15K to 18K.

Stop. It requires a lot of power to operate at the needed voltage range of 110V to 120V.

Stay tuned. When it comes to squeezing, we were concerned that it would remove all minerals and vitamins during the filtering process.

However, the product includes an Italian micro filter that allows more juice to pass through while preserving natural flavors.

A three-foot food cover ensures your safety from splashes while also protecting you from mesh.

Don’t be concerned about the motor because if your juicer becomes overloaded, the system will automatically shut it down.

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The feed portion is also extra-large near about 3″ which squeezes whole fruit that maintaining a continuous process. No need to hold.

However, It’s easy to clean only separate the parts and wash them with a dishwasher.

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  • Little bit noisy

Final Thought on cucumber during pregnancy

So, after reading this article, you can understand the benefits of cucumber and its side effects.

Cucumber is a perfect fruit with all minerals. If you want to add it to your diet, just go for it and not more than two cucumbers per day.

For a healthy pregnancy week, you can focus on DHA-containing fruits and vegetables. DHA is also necessary.

Moreover, pregnancy weeks are sometimes too boring, thus you can enjoy some fruits and add things that make you happy. I add before. Don’t worry about symptoms, it’s natural yet you can check unusual pregnancy symptoms.

I think now you can determine the importance of cucumber during pregnancy and how to maintain it.

If you like this report, then share it. If you have more helpful information regarding this, then tell us.


  1. Cucumbers at night safe or not?

    There is no scientific evidence about cucumber don't safe at night. As if it’s full of water.

    Cucumber has high water content, so eating too much of it may cause nocturnal urination. It can disrupt your sleep because of sleep deprivation, stress may occur, or food cravings. Even if there is no problem, try to eat or drink 2 hours before going to bed.

  2. Foods to avoid during pregnancy:

    If you think cucumber is familiar, you are wrong. Yes, cucumber has some limitations, but not for all pregnant women.

    Try to avoid raw meat, unpasteurized milk, alcohol, raw shellfish, undercooked vegetables.

    Always limit your caffeine consumption because too much caffeine can cause your miscarriage or affect your baby.

  3. Cucumber seeds in pregnancy time safe or not?

    Cucumber seeds are not safe during pregnancy because it contains cucurbitacin. It is toxic elements that may harm your health.

    Some research said because of cucurbitacin, indigestion occurs. We all know during pregnancy week, gastric problems are common.

  4. The relation between cucumber and miscarriage:

    There is no evidence suggest that cucumber can cause miscarriage.
    Cucumber is good, and we have already mentioned the benefits of cucumber. You can combine it but not overeat.

    Keep in mind all effects can vary from woman to woman. So, consult your healthcare professional before eating anything during pregnancy.

  5. Craving cucumber juice during pregnancy safe or not?

    Cucumber juice is also safe during pregnancy, but avoid excessive amounts to evade side effects.

    During pregnancy, craving is a normal thing, don't worry about it. Craving any fruits rather than any fast foods is best for your health.

  6. Watermelon during pregnancy:

    It is one of the most frequently asked questions nowadays. Watermelon contains a massive amount of water, which helps to hydrate our bodies and remove unhealthy toxins.

    Remember, when this process occurs, the baby may contact these toxins, which are not suitable for the baby.

    If you want to drink juice, you may focus on strawberry juice, carrot juice, lemon juice, apple juice, etc. As per the study, these juice are best during pregnancy but not in excess.

  7. Yellow cucumber during pregnancy:

    Don't be confused, it's a riped cucumber. During pregnancy week, focused on fresh vegetables and fruits. In yellow cucumber, seeds are large than usual. As previously say seeds are not good during pregnancy.

    For a healthy pregnancy week, try to avoid yellow cucumbers.

  8. Is cucumber skin safe during pregnancy?

    Is Cucumber skin safe, or Do you have to peel cucumbers? No, you do not always have to peel the skin.

    To avoid any contamination, wash properly, can peel the skin.
    Because it contains vitamin A and fiber, but keep in mind that always wash appropriately before eating.

  9. Are carrot and cucumber good for pregnant ladies?

    As per the study, a cucumber is a safe option that depends on the medical condition.

    Carrot and carrot juice contain calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin A, etc. These minerals help fetal growth, stronger the bone, and restrict birth defects.
    As we all know, carrots contain potent antioxidants that are also perfect during pregnancy.

    To know more which foods should avoid during pregnancy 

  10. Tomato during pregnancy:

    Some women are asking about a tomato that is safe or not. It's safe because it contains folate, which is the perfect mineral for pregnant women. Bus, as you know, all fruits and vegetables have side effects if you take them in an excessive amount.

    You can add cucumber and tomato to your salad for a better taste and not worry about tomatoes during pregnancy.

Thank You….

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