Craving Tuna in Pregnancy Boy or Girl | Tuna Fish Benefits

Pregnancy craving varies from woman to woman. You like unexpected food which may hate before like- Fish smell. So now you are wondering why am I craving tuna in pregnancy? Is it somehow associate with Old Wives’ Tale, gender? Right?

Hold on tight in one place. Because the answer I’m about to give may surprise you.

Craving Tuna in Pregnancy may have a boy. In another way, Tuna Cravings while early pregnant indicate a lack of protein, iron, zinc, etc nutrients.

Though, there is no scientific evidence present, which links to craving tuna fish during pregnancy boy or girl.

Fish is the best option in pregnancy. Fish loaded with protein and almost negligible carbs.

Today focus on what craving tuna means, is it Tuna healthy for pregnancy, and some relevant quarries you should know about before moving forward.

Is craving tuna in pregnancy can predict boy or girl?

Craving tuna or seafood increases the chances of having a baby boy. Desire for salty and savory food while pregnant most likely possibilities have boy-as per old wives’ tale.

However, there is no research data to back it up. It’s just a fun activity based on an ancient myth. 

The probabilities evolve from pregnant woman’s urge for food, analyzing them the old wives’ tale come upon.

tuna craving boy or girl
The blue color indicates the baby boy number

But the good news is that I studied and researched with 51 expecting mothers. Note down all of their early cravings, mid cravings, and the final result get from them.

My study started with 51 pregnant women with their food cravings. According to my data, 26 out of 51 ladies love to eat fish, and the demand for savory food is very high.

Out of 26 people, 15 have sons. So the majority are more boys, so tuna fish, seafood craving is more likely to be a boy. However, it may not match my data in your case.

Now it’s time to look for the actual matter.

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What does it means when you crave Tuna during pregnancy?

Our body is sharp enough to understand whats its needs are right now. Food cravings somehow whispering about nutritional deficiency ( not all time.) It depends on various factors. (Source)

Craving food is always on the high debate. Meanwhile, craving during pregnancy is caused by hormonal changes and nutritional insufficiency. 

Like you crave Tuna right now, that means you need more protein. On the other hand, if you want beans, require more protein.

Our bodies undergo radical changes during pregnancy, everything from mental change to physical. 

Hormonal changes, changes in food taste, increase in nutritional needs, including DHA foods.

Tuna is a magnificent source of PROTEIN, OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS, 8% of GOOD FAT, PHOSPHORUS, and a moderate amount of IRON.

In early pregnancy, the body needs more protein to produces cells. Fish, seafood, beans are proteinate foods.

Is it safe to has Tuna while pregnant?

Although Tuna is a good source of protein and some vital nutrients, yet is it safe? 

Do you know Tuna is a salt-water fish that contain mercury? In case mercury is a heavy element that is not good for your gestation.

According to Reliant Medical Group.Org– Eating Tuna fish is safe. But avoid the big one.

Big the size, presence of mercury value is increasing.

For this reason, FDA has detailed guidelines on how to eat fish when pregnant week by week. (Source)

How much is Tuna healthy for pregnant?

The portion of Tuna you can eat depending on the number you have any other seafood that week. 

According to the US FDA, Pregnant and nursing women are permitted to consume 8 to 12 oz (340 grams) of seafood a week. It Means 2 to 3 servings.

Other guild lines how to consume other seafood, if you’re craving for

  • Avoid big sizes, & prefer medium to smaller ones.
  • wash it off properly
  • Avoid raw or undercooked
  • Cooked well before take
  • Take only two fresh tuna steaks, not more than
  • If you like canned Tuna. Then not exceed four medium-sized cans (12 oz)of Tuna (skipjack).
  • Avoid big eye tuna.

Let’s see some health benefits.

Benefits of Tuna during pregnancy

Tuna fish has tremendous health advantages, including-

1. Loaded with Protein

Around 29 gm of protein is present per 100gm of Tuna. Protein is the most vital nutrients for an unborn baby.

Lack of protein leads to miscarriage or retention of the baby’s growth. In the same way, excessive protein can be harmful. Make sure you take a balanced diet.

2. Vitamin D

Tuna contains a significant amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps make strong bones and absorb calcium and phosphorus into the body.

3. Iron

Thanks to Iron, our blood flows for this vital element. 

Pregnant women need a minimum of 27 mg of iron/day. Iron is individually essential in the 3rd trimester.

Iron is the only element that can protect us from anemia. Do you know 63% of pregnant ladies miscarry because lack of iron leads to anemia?

4. Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a mineral that aids in the formation of a healthy skeletal system in both you and your growing fetus. 85% phosphorus is present in our bones. 

Another prominent role of phosphorus is it helps to compose DNA and RNA synthesis. Tuna contains a large amount of phosphorus( 311 mg) Approx 44 % of DV.

5. EPA & DHA

100 gm of canned Tuna contains 25 mg of EPA and 197 mg of DHA. It approx 63 to 100% of DV. (Source)

EPA & DHA help to protect from preterm birth, low birth weight, depression, etc.

When do Tuna fish become harmful when pregnant?

Tuna/ seafood has health benefits, unlike it has a harmful effect if you take too much.

When tuna fish become harmful-

  • If you take it too much
  • According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, a study shows that eating seafood from its exceed limit can cause neurotoxic effects.

Is it ok to eat Canned Tuna while Pregnant?

Yes, it is but a moderate amount less than 112 grams (4 oz) per week. But most mothers want to avoid Tuna because of Mercury levels.

But you can eat SAFE CATCH ELITE (from amazon) canned Tuna. It is trustable and safe for both mother and child. 

List of some Safe Tuna 

  • Albacore
  • White tuna
  • Canned or frozen Tuna
  • Fresh Tuna
  • Skipjack

Final Words about Craving Tuna in Pregnancy- Boy or Girl

Around 60 to 75% of American, European, Australian women are craving Tuna or seafood in their early pregnancy. Most probably the Canned one. 

The survey estimates the mothers are widely consume canned tuna sandwiches, Tuna salad to satisfy their cravings.

Again, some vegetarian mothers surprisingly crave Tuna. Hence, their all-over question is -why are they craving Tuna too much? Is it the baby who wants to have or something else?

The taste of fish is quite juicy, tender, and so delicate a flavor that’s why we want it more. 

I hope my answer also satisfies and fulfills your queries.

Here are some related questions mothers ask over the internet that may be of further assistance to you.

Q1. Can pregnant women have raw Fish/Tuna?

Never, raw flesh contaminated with bacterias that causes listeriosis. (an infection caused by Listeria bacteria which is hardly responsible for miscarrying)

Q2. What does it mean when you crave fish?

Fish are an excellent source of protein, DHA, omega 3, and some vital elements.
When you crave fish indicates you need some more protein which not get from your daily diet.

Q3. why am I craving Sushi?

Japan is the mainland of Sushi. The main ingredients are vinegared rice with delicious seafood and veggies.
Sushi is famous for its delicate unique taste. You crave sushi only for its surprising taste.
Your taste buds remain the taste of sushi, and you desire it.
Pregnant take only cooked rolls sushi while other varieties should avoid because it makes from raw seafood.

Q4. Why am I craving Tuna before Period?

Period/ menstrual bleeding is a natural yet cyclic process where lots of blood is drained from the body.
Before or after a period, the body up and down the hormonal level. Therefore, it requires more iron, protein, and omega3 fatty acids.
Tuna or fish/seafood can fulfill the demand for insufficient nutrients.
Omega3 fatty acids help to reduce menstrual cramps. These are the reason for craving fish/ tuna/ seafood before periods.

Q5. is craving tuna a sign of pregnancy? 

Though, there is not much confirmation to prove that craving fish is a sign of pregnancy.
Here is the main thing to focus on, fish/ seafood and sushi more crave in early pregnancy, while others get sick of the smell.
So, your question is craving tuna a sign of pregnancy might YES. Still, it varies. 

Q6. What are the Pregnancy Safe Fish Lists

There are huge fish present in the safety checklist.
· Anchovy
· Shrimp
· Sole
· Cod
· Crab
· Pollock
· Tuna
· Atlantic Mackerel
· Skate
· Clam
· Hake
· Sardine
· Salmon
· Perch
· Crawfish and more.

Which is the best tuna for pregnancy?

If you adore tuna, you can rest certain that eating canned light tuna, albacore tuna, and yellowfin tuna during pregnancy is safe and healthful for you and your baby as long as you limit your intake. Furthermore, fully avoiding fish to reduce mercury pollution is not suggested.

Can pregnant ladies eat tuna sandwich?

Eating tuna – be that tinned or fresh, in a sandwich or in ready meals – is seamlessly safe when you’re pregnant.
Is it OK to consume two tuna cans while pregnant?
Yes. 2 to 3 servings of canned light tuna per week are OK.

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