Craving spicy food while pregnant or in early pregnancy safe ?

Hi, mom, I know craving any foods and drinks are common, and craving spicy food while pregnant is also one of them, but you have many questions regarding it like, craving spicy food during pregnancy is it safe or not? Does it affect our baby’s health?

Ok, before answering your queries, tell you one thing: Do you know 75% of pregnant women craving different things like pickle, peanut butter, ice cream.

Craving is an emotional thing that includes different myths. Some said it’s about nutritional deficiencies. Some said it’s all about the baby’s gender. There is no medical approval regarding it.

Spicy foods are secure and no harmful effects on the baby. No research is founded regarding its lousy impact on pregnancy, but you may suffer some digestive issues because of spicy.

I know you have lots of queries regarding spicy food in pregnancy, and I appreciate your excitement. Give us some time and let us explain all things from basic.

Craving spicy food while pregnant is safe or not?

Eating spicy food during pregnancy is safe. Neither its affect the pregnancy nor the baby, but excessive amounts may cause digestive issues and heartburn.

If you like to taste spicy food, then you can enjoy it. Otherwise, there are no health benefits.

Spicy food is good, but after eating, always wash your hand with water. Otherwise, it can irritate your eyes and nose.

We love to change our taste, and spicy food is great for our taste buds. So, enjoy your spicy dish in pregnancy week.

Craving spicy food in early pregnancy:

As we previously said, don’t worry about your cravings. It is the usual thing. Spicy foods help to release endorphin hormones, that hormones make us happy. Some reports say craving spicy food in early pregnancy means your hormones create you a little frustrated.

It’s safe, but sometimes uterus irritation may occur.

# Spicy food during pregnancy first trimester:

Spicy foods are safe during the first trimester, with limited harmful effects like increased motion sickness. It also does not affect the baby’s development.

Moms ask these questions because they are worried about early pregnancy loss that mainly happens in the first trimester. Mothers are concerned about this type of side effect.

So, spicy foods are safe, but you have to adjust accordingly.

# Spicy food during pregnancy second trimester:

During the second trimester, we have to maintain a lot of things. In the especially second trimester, you have to avoid large fish, excessive caffeine, unpasteurized products, alcohol, etc.

While it comes to savory foods, then the answer is yes.
You can eat it, but there is a chance to cause indigestion, gas, diarrhea, and may increase gastroesophageal refluxes disease symptoms.

# Spicy food during pregnancy, third trimester:

Not eating sufficient during pregnancy can harm your baby, especially in the third trimester; it affects more. Maintain a healthy diet and sleep properly.

Spicy food in the third trimester also not a bad option but not to overeat because it can aggravate heartburn.

If you are not used to spicy foods, you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables like protein-containing foods, take a lot of water, and maintain calories.

So, after analysis of all trimester effects, we can say it’s safe for you and your baby but maintain it. 

Do you know in the third trimester, growing fetuses return stomach acids to the esophagus? Spicy foods may complicate these conditions.

craving spicy food while pregnant

Benefits of craving spicy food in pregnancy: 

Some research says that spicy foods are suitable for a baby’s presence in the womb.

Spicy foods help to fight against cancer because, throughout pregnancy, oxidative stress is apparent. We all know that peppers contain antioxidants that are carotenoids.

Not only that, but hot chili also contains capsaicin, which fights against lung cancer.

Those moms are suffering from acne or any pimple related skin problems; spicy foods help eliminate it.

Cold and cough are terrible during pregnancy. Many moms believe that peppers help to get rid of this.

After reading these points, you can determine its benefits, and you can quickly check it out. Though it has some side effects, you have to adjust it depends on your situation.

Side effects of eating spicy foods during pregnancy:

As we previously said, discomfort may occur because of digestion. In some cases, side effects also occur like,

i. Morning sickness:

It is common during pregnancy, but some study says spicy foods may complicate these effects during pregnancy. Suppose you have any problem like this try to limit it.

ii. Allergies:

Peppers do not suit some moms during pregnancy, and some allergic reactions may happen. Food sensitivity is the leading cause of allergies. It occurs, especially in the third trimester.

iii. Worsen heartburn:

 Acidity, heartburn, and digestive problems are usual during the week of pregnancy. However, spicy foods, especially towards the end of pregnancy, have a worse effect.

Gas, cramping, diarrhea may also happen. If you feel any occur situations call your doctor.

Note: If you plan for spicy foods, you can take a glass of milk to relieve heartburn. Some report says honey also helps to reduce heartburn.

Suppose your habit is craving spicy food while pregnant, then always carry these things that can help you in any emergencies.

Frequently Ask Questions: 

# Are pregnancy cravings real?

Yes, cravings are real, but it’s not indicate anything. Some research says it’s about hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies. Some studies also say pregnancy cravings depends on our taste, love, and emotions. You can say it is also a psychological fact.

Some women do not have any type of cravings and are worried about it. Mam, it is okay. Not cravings anything rather than cravings for any sugary foods are right for your health.

Cravings start in the 1st trimester, it is stronger than the 2nd trimester, and end in the 3rd trimester.

# The myth about craving spicy foods during pregnancy:

Craving varies individually, and there is no formula to decode the craving meaning. It depends on your love and emotions. Pregnant women love to eat. Tell us in the comment part about your pregnancy craving list.

Do you think about craving? Then the general explanation is about hormonal changes and may nutritional deficiencies.

Taste buds also change during pregnancy. So don’t worry about craving spicy. It means nothing.

There are no studies on miscarriage and congenital disabilities resulting from eating spicy foods, but you can find various articles on the internet.

Some even say that it has adversely affected children, but believe me, these are just myths, and there is no scientific evidence for it.

Some research found correlations between craving foods and a baby’s gender. Though it’s a little bit of research, more research is needed.

Some studies say that if your body is low in magnesium, you can crave chocolate or cookie dough ice cream.

# Do you know spicy foods have a cooling effect on your body?

Yes, spicy foods help our body cold because whenever we eat spicy like chili or curry, it generates sweats in our body because of the sweat our body feels the cooling effect.

# Can spicy foods induce labor?

At the end of pregnancy week, you also hear about or someone suggesting that eating spicy foods. More than 60% of people believe that eating spicy food helps to start labor.

As for your kind knowledge, there is no such research that confirms it.

If you eat spicy food regularly, it can affect the uterus and create some pressure.

Don’t believe in such a report. Pregnancy weeks comes with lots of yes and no. So, always focus on fresh fruits and drinks and discuss with your doctor about your fitness plan diet. Because there also such fruits and things that you may have to avoid throughout pregnancy.

# Spicy cravings in pregnancy and gender?

If you are craving spicy food while pregnant and thinking about a boy or a girl? Then open your eyes and please don’t believe any logic because some reports on social media say it’s about a boy, and some say it’s a girl. There is no scientific evidence regarding it.

But it’s right about craving spicy foods means your body wants to cool.

Some moms are very conscious of all things and excited about google search like I’m pregnant and craving spicy food. Mom doesn’t worry about it. Craving things are not harmful, and incredibly spicy foods are right for you and your baby.

# Craving both sweet and salty during pregnancy:

Craving for sweets is the most natural cravings during pregnancy. Motion sickness, mood swings can happen because of sweet cravings. It’s all about hormonal changes and our emotions to eat sweet.

Excessive refined sugar can harm your health. Always add natural sugar to a healthy diet and focus on fresh fruits.

Protein-rich fruits are good options to avoid sweet cravings. I know sweets are part of your pregnancy week; then, you can move to mango. Mangoes are OK during pregnancy. Try to add the dark chocolate. It’s a good immunity booster.

Craving salty means your body needs sodium. It’s a symptom of stress. Whenever feeling stressed, your body creates more adrenaline.
Adrenaline glands need more minerals to function correctly.

Salt cravings also a sign of low blood pressure. If you ever faced these types of desires, consult with your doctor regarding that. Don’t focus on the baby’s gender. Otherwise, it can hurt you and your infant.

# Stomach pain after eating spicy food during pregnancy:

Yes, stomach pain may happen if you eat excessive amounts of spicy foods.

Whenever you feel that kind of irritation, make a smoothie, including banana, yogurt, peanut butter, honey, and milk (pasteurized). This smoothie helps to relieve.

Ginger also the perfect option for stomach irritation.

# Can eating or craving spicy food while pregnant harm the baby?

It is usually asking questions, and it’s reliable during pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. No research found any effect on the baby throughout pregnancy.

# Does spicy food cause miscarriage:

No, there is no evidence regarding it. If you hear anything regarding this, it is a myth, or some people love to spread false things.

So, try to avoid this type of foolish news and enjoy spicy dishes with your loved one.

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# Can spicy foods affect fertility?

Some research says spicy foods can initiate polycystic ovarian syndrome, which leads to the lower characteristic of eggs.

Though spicy foods are safe for you and your baby, if you have any allergic conditions before eating anything, consult with your doctor.

# How can you add spicy meals to your diet?

  • For savory taste, you can try spicy pickles.
  • A whole spice during pregnancy is pepper.
  • Curry sauce also a great option.


    • Before eating any spicy foods, check the label. It must be food certified.
    • Avoid eating loses products that are readily available in the market. It may contain impurities.
    • If you start eating spicy foods during pregnancy, limit it, buy fresh from the market, and prepare at home.
    • Always verify the expiry periods of the packet.

I think now it’s clear to you about craving spicy food while pregnant is good or bad. right?

Okay, before ending this article, our experts give some tips regarding it. Let focus on that.

Is your foetus capable of tasting spicy foods?

Your baby’s taste buds have grown by the time you’re 13 to 15 weeks pregnant, and she can begin sampling different flavors from your food. Spices like curry or garlic and other spicy foods can be detected in the amniotic fluid she eats during pregnancy.

Our view on craving spicy food while pregnant:

After analyzing all these things, we can say craving is good, and craving spicy food while pregnant also safe.

The craving may vary individually but not to worry about it. Are you interested to know all about desire? then you read the below mentions articles.

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Pregnancy weeks comes with lots of limitations, especially in foods like

Before eating them, know the benefits and limitations that may support you to stay fresh and healthy.

You know the importance of these weeks whenever you feel bad, stop eating that, and consulting with your doctor.

Eating sufficient and not to overeat. Try to maintain DHA during pregnancy. We all know the importance of it.

That’s all for today. If you find any helpful information regarding craving spicy food while pregnant, then share it. Comment it if you have any suggestions.

Thank you.

Written By: Saikat Bera ( Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology)

Reviewed By: Dr. Subha Das ( M.B.B.S, M.D)


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