Craving Mushrooms During Pregnancy Boy or Girl (2021)

Are you craving mushrooms during pregnancy, want to know whether this can predict the boy or girl?

Then you are in the right place. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with my answer today. This article focus on what does it means to crave mushrooms while pregnant or gender predict.

Craving different foods and weird at the same time is nothing new. Many hormonal changes and mood swings can increase the desire for specific food like orange, ice cream, and chocolate milk.

Craving mushrooms during pregnancy because of lack Vitamin D, Iron, deficiency of Vitamin B, including Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Riboflavin. Craving mushrooms in pregnancy also indicate low protein intake. Craving mushrooms during pregnancy may a girl child on the way.

Although there is no scientific evidence behind craving, mushrooms relate to a baby’s gender.

Start the journey; more surprises will be waiting for you.

If you are a regular visitor, you may know about my “CRAVING PROJECT,” or a new visitor; then I want to share a small subject here.

Note- Craving never can tell you precisely the gender. It totally depends on the women to women. It’s just an old wives’ tale, but I conducted a project a few years ago while I was expecting then.

Craving-Project is totally making fun of me then, but I gradually feel why not share here for you. Predict boy or girl by craving foods quite funny and memorable. So all the gender-related data is entirely made by me.

Why are you craving mushrooms during pregnancy? Is craving mushrooms during pregnancy related to the gender of the baby?

Mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamin B and D, iron, protein, fiber, and various antioxidants for you and your developing fetus.

In early pregnancy, women crave various things that even they don’t like. Mushroom’s cravings are most common, just like craving cucumber.

However, you may ask yourself, “why am I craving mushrooms in my pregnancy,” can it predict the baby’s gender like cinnamon craving indicates a baby boy.

Here are the reasons for craving mushrooms in pregnancy. To the straight answer – Mushrooms craving while pregnant means the baby girl on the way. However, craving mushrooms while pregnant says something else.

Note- The result –

craving mushrooms during pregnancy boy or girl

The pink color indicates the girl’s child Number who are craved in their pregnancy.

  • I collected this data from expecting mothers, parted them into foods craving, trimester, and concluded after their delivery.
  • The result is obtained from 51 mothers, among 10 pregnant women who are obsessed with mushrooms and give girl child 7 out of 10.
  • I suggest you continue reading; there are reasons behind mushroom crave and you should know the cause. This can be your healthy pregnancy.

1. Craving mushrooms during pregnancy say- you’re deficient in major VITAMIN B COMPLEX.

Yes, Mushrooms are a rich source of Riboflavin, Niacin, and Pantothenic acid. These three Vitamins B are so necessary for pregnancy.

For example, Niacin(B3) can help you to digest and protect from any indigestion easily. It is also necessary for creating DNA.

Riboflavin (B2) helps to develop the baby’s RBC. In addition, Pantothenic acid (B5) helps to develop the nervous system of the baby.

When you lack Vitamin B3, B5, your brain urges to fill up by craving relevant food. So here, your mushroom carving wants to say that you are deficient in such vitamins.

2. Craving Mushrooms while pregnant is possible; you need more IRON from foods.

During pregnancy, you need more iron than on regular days. It is around 27 mg/day of iron needs when pregnant, while 8 mg/day is enough for an ordinary person.

Sudden demand of iron, body make craving foods that hold iron and tasty too. Raw crimini mushrooms contain 3% of daily value iron. One of the possible causes of mushroom cravings is a lack of iron.

This one another cause for sudden mushroom craving while you hate it before.

3. Another possible reason for craving mushrooms in pregnancy is the shortage of CHROMIUM.

Chromium is a trace component that is essential for a baby’s growth. A pregnant lady should take approx 30 mcg per day. (source)

You get chromium food like- peanut butter, oats, broccoli, eggs, lettuce, meat, corn, black pepper, barley, and obviously mushrooms.

Chromium helps to maintain blood sugar levels. Having a lack of Chromium can lead to mushrooms craving.

4. Do you know why do you extreme crave mushrooms! – Due to lack of VITAMIN D.

You might know vitamin D does not found in food except mushrooms. Yes, mushrooms contain a significant amount of vitamin D; around 3 IU means 1% of the daily value.

Every pregnant woman should take a daily vitamin D of 100 micrograms (or 4000 IU), almost equal to about 1 cup of diced mushrooms. 400 IU from supplements. (Source)

Mushrooms are the only food that can take vegetarian, vegan even non-vegetarian mothers.

Vitamin D plays a vital role in gestational time. It helps in increasing immunity, helps in producing strong bone health for the unborn child, and helps in healthy cell division. Besides these, Vitamin D is important in Calcium and Phosphorus absorption.

The deficiency of Vitamin D can increase cravings for mushrooms. To maintain Vitamin D levels takes pregnancy-safe DHA foods.

5. Mushrooms crave during pregnancy due to a shortage of Minerals.

Minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, and Phosphorus are essential minerals to make a healthy pregnancy. We need almost double the amount of every element while expecting.

Daily foods do not always serve and maintain that limit. We are deficient in these without our knowledge. Food cravings signal that the amount should take and fill the range.

More readZinc containing foods

6. Sudden craving for Mushrooms during pregnancy due to YOU’RE PREGNANT.

Yes, though it sounds awkward, it believes that craving mushrooms are the early sign of pregnancy. Many USA pregnant women accept that they immensely crave mushrooms when they are in the early stage of pregnancy.

The tastes of the mushrooms give a delicate flavor.

7. TASTES of Mushrooms enhance its craving.

Yeah. You can’t deny its delicate taste. A mushroom is the best substitute for meat. Mushrooms are great for vegan or vegetarian mothers. It’s not less than a slice of meat, either its taste or about the nutrients.

If you are pregnant and some weird craving occurs, mushrooms are on the top list. The savory and strong Umami flavor make it more strong craving. Everyone wants mushrooms as their main dish.

As you can see, what is the cause of craving mushrooms during pregnancy does not imply the baby’s gender. Still, I researched for you and collected the data.

Now come to a critical point Are mushrooms safe in pregnancy?

Is it ok to eat mushrooms when pregnant?

According to the research, mushrooms are significantly safe and healthy as well but in limit. However, not all mushrooms are safe.

Like magic mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms, to know what mushrooms are safe and how to eat, check my detailed research on mushrooms safe during pregnancy.

Benefits of craving mushrooms while pregnant

Mushroom is an edible fungus which has lots of health benefits including-

  • Mushrooms have a good amount of protein 2.5 g/ 100 gm
  • Vitamin B (B2, B5, B9, B6, and B3) type essential and essential as well present in mushrooms.
  • No fat
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Only plant food presents Vitamin D
  • Present significant amount of zinc, Potassium, Iron, etc.
  • Help to grow the developing baby.
  • Help you to overcome pregnancy constipation.

Healthy copycat Mushrooms Recipes that are Good for a Pregnant Woman & Satisfy Your Craving

  1. Sautee Garlic mushrooms recipe-
  • You need these ingredients-
  • Garlic
  • Mushrooms
  • Butter / ghee/oil
  • Chili flakes, Parsley


  1. Wash well before the recipe start
  2. Chopped Garlic
  3. Cut the mushrooms into bite-size
  4. Add butter into a frying pan ( butter easily burn at high heat so avoid such mess, add some oil you prefer)
  5. Add the cut pieces of mushrooms sauté it well. ( It become tender and brown in color)
  6. Add salt, black pepper and stir it well.
  7. After that, Add chopped garlic, feel the mixture of garlic and fried mushroom aroma.
  8. Next step, add chili flakes ( prefer your taste), a sprinkle of salt
  9. After well-fried, garnish with parsley.

Garlic mushrooms are one of my favorite dishes; nothing can beat it. I am sure you like it as well.

  1. Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup is the best alternative lunch meal, even a healthy snack while you are boring.

  • Ingredients you need-
  • Chestnut mushrooms
  • Onion ( chopped finely)
  • Garlic (3 cloves),
  • Fresh parsley leaf
  • Thyme
  • Chicken broth
  • Cream
  • Olive oil/ butter

Let’s start the recipes-

  1. Add oil/ butter in the frying pan, add finely chopped onion and garlic
  2. Let release the aroma of onion and garlic
  3. After few minutes, add cut pieces of mushrooms and stir them until they become soft and tender
  4. Add salt; after that, add stock ( for vegetarian use vegetable stock)
  5. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, until a smooth texture
  6. Add cream and stir with it.
  7. Finish it with fresh chopped parsley, thyme.

These two mushrooms recipes are my all-time favorite. I am sure you are going to love it after try the delicious recopies.

Final talk about craving mushrooms during pregnancy gender

Mushrooms are very delicate flavor food, contain lots of vital nutrients. However, your question regarded to boy or girl and craving mushrooms related to the girl.

You may know the actual reason for craving mushrooms during pregnancy. Mushrooms are healthy during pregnancy, but you should check some crucial parts before buying or eating mushrooms.

  • Before buying any mushrooms, check the expiration date, either causing harmful effects to the baby.
  • Don’t ever eat rotten parts of mushrooms; they carry dangerous bacteria.
  • Wash well before preparing a dish.
  • Avoid eating raw or undercook mushrooms. It may cause listeria infection.
  • Avoid wild, medicinal, and magic mushrooms in pregnancy.

If you want to overcome mushrooms craving, take these few simple steps.

  • Get enough Sleep.
  • Take eight glasses of water per day
  • Do pregnancy yoga
  • Distracts yourself by doing some fun activity while pregnant and make this beautiful journey memorable

I’ll be happy if you contribute your craving as well and what is the final result. Is my result and what you have is the same or not.

I include my project and bring all-new food craving means.

These are few FAQs asked by new would-be moms. I prepare for you.

Q1. Pregnancy Safe mushrooms list

Various mushrooms are present out there which are safe and beneficial as well, including-
· White button
· Shitake mushroom
· Oyster mushrooms
· Maitake mushrooms
· Porcini
· Chestnut
· King oyster
· Cremini mushrooms

Q2. Why don’t some people eat mushrooms?

Some people don’t eat mushrooms while other dying heart love because –
~The earthy fungi smell
~They have allergic to mushrooms
~They don’t like the taste
~They don’t like the texture of the mushroom

Q3. What does it means to crave mushrooms while you hate them in your life?

If you are hate mushrooms before and now you are suddenly craving mushrooms, that means-
· You are pregnant
· You are deficient in vital nutrients
· You need vitamin D
Your body needs more iron and protein food.

Can pregnant women eat cooked mushrooms?

Eating raw mushrooms is never worthwhile — whether you’re pregnant or not — so cooked mushrooms are important. Because raw mushrooms are difficult to digest, they might induce stomach distress. Cooking mushrooms breaks down the fibers to make them more easily digested, kills any bacteria or infections, and aids absorption of the nutrients.

Can pregnant women eat shiitake mushrooms?

Yes! Shiitake mushrooms are safe to eat if properly prepared and cooked. If you order mushrooms from a menu, ask your waitress what kind they are and if they will be completely cooked.

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