Craving Milk Tea | 7 Reasons will Surprise You

Are you craving milk tea all time like me? Then you may get the actual answer today why do you desire milk tea.

Being a workaholic people, we take tea or coffee for relaxing our minds. Milk tea is one of them- either starting a fresh morning or relaxing evening after returning home.

So here you go, Craving for milk tea and get you a super satisfaction make more addiction. The creamy milk and intense taste of tea enhance the double punch for affection.

Before we go too far to find out why am I craving milk tea, I want to show a summary of today’s focus-

· The reason why are you craving milk tea

· Craving milk tea during pregnancy

· Is milk tea craving has any harmful effects or has some benefits

· Related quires

After complete the article, you know details about your milk tea crave. Let’s read together.

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Why Am I Craving Milk Tea right now?

Is it taste or for charging up yourself. Telling about milk tea makes my mouth drooling. There is no particular reason for craving milk tea. However, these could be the reason.-

1. If you enjoy milk tea occasionally, you will enjoy the sweet, strong, slightly bitter taste and the rich flavor.

2. In case you crave milk tea daily, No more reason you’re just addicted. 

3. On the other hand, you want milk tea between your work, you’re too stressed, and your brain wants you to relax by sipping tea.

4. Craving for milk tea also indicates you’re at a low level of carbs. The sweetness of sugar and condensed milk fulfill your carbohydrate needs.

5.  Do you add extra sugar to your milk tea? It’s pretty much cause you’re in low-calorie intake.

6. Or, the caffeine present in tea makes milk tea more addictive.

7. Milk tea is not only made from milk and tea; there are some spices also added to it for enhancing its aftertaste. So mixed-up spices make milk tea more desirable.

Why is milk tea so addictive?

Milk tea or bubble tea is so addictive because of its taste and caffeine contain. Although, milk tea helps to release stress.

Does milk tea make you fat?

Milk tea has a great taste. Hence, it’s pretty widespread among people. From breakfast to evening, everyone wants a cup of milk tea.

Coming to the straight answer- Yes, Milk tea or bubble tea can make you fat.

Because milk fat, heavy cream, and sugar are present in milk tea, it can cause weight gain if consumed regularly.

How many calories are present in Milk tea or bubble tea?

The average size of Bubble tea contains about 325 calories. Whereas- a mug of milk tea carries about 200 calories.

The presence of calorie count depends on many factors include- 

  • The amount of sugar consumed
  • The milk fat ratio

When the tea is made from soy milk, the calorie differs to 180 calories. Without milk fat, the calorie is around 160 calories.

So the calorie intake totally depends on you and how to consume you. Either without sugar, fat milk or with sugar, fat milk.

How Bad Milk Tea For You?

Where milk tea has some benefits for your life, on the other hand, milk tea has a possible lousy effect if you consume too much. Including

  • Too much milk tea makes you fat and reason for your weight gain.
  • Consume milk tea before bedtime can tend to sleep disturbance.
  • Over-consume milk tea can cause stomach upset and liver damage.
  • As the tea-rich source of Tannis. Consequently, overconsuming milk tea or bubble tea can decrease iron absorption in the body.
  • Too much milk tea can cause vomiting, heartburn, Dizziness.

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Craving For Milk Tea Benefits

Adding milk to tea enhance taste and benefits too. Such as-

1. Get a High Energy From Your Milk Tea

There is no question that a glass of milk generates energy to make the bodywork effectively. 

The carbohydrate and other elements present in the milk can strengthens the body and produces enough energy to work all day long. 

As a result, more activities may have been completed after drinking milk. 

craving milk tea

2. Help to Release Pregnancy Stress

Tea has an antianxiety and calming property, which can help to reduce stress during pregnancy but in a moderate amount. Milk tea is safe while pregnant.

Taking milk tea is quite beneficial because milk is present here.

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3. Milk present in the tea provides the body’s strength.

Milk serves to reinforce the body in the first place. Its calcium content strengthens the bone that allows you to work more efficiently.

In addition, milk offers several additional benefits that interact with your well-being.

4. Milk Tea Useful for weight loss/ Maintain the weight

Milk tea may help you lose weight while also fattening you up. Milk tea contains a lipid component that can aid in weight gain.

Milk tea can also be used as a dietary supplement. If you want to lose weight, polyphenol and caffeine will help you. This is a list of fat-burning chemicals present in milk tea. (Source)

5. Milk Tea Works as a Natural Mood Enhancer and as an Anti-Inflammatory for the Body

I-theanine is present in black tea that acts as a mood enhancer, and milk has an anti-inflammatory effect. Both work together in a significant way.

On the other hand, milk is an antioxidant that can release stress and anxiety.

6. Craving Milk Tea can keep your heart healthy.

Drinking upwards of three cups of tea each day can lower your risk of heart disease. (Source)

The health hazard can even decrease if the milk is mixed with tea since milk provides several medical benefits that combine with the tea.

7. Stay Positive with Milk Tea Craving

Milk tea is a great taste; you can add flavor to it like ginger, cardamom, clove, bay leaf; these are even safe while you are pregnant.

Take a cup of flavoring milk tea can help more refreshment.

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Final Words For the Craving Milk Tea and Why You Should Take

As you already know, milk tea is healthy and safe for pregnant women and regular people. Milk, along with tea, can enhance taste and health benefits too.

Though tea contains caffeine and too much caffeine is not safe, milk can reduce its cons.

Milk tea at breakfast makes you more refresh than a coffee. Even may you don’t know about is tea contains less amount of caffeine than coffee.

So enjoy your milk tea craving and satisfy the desire as well. It can help from stress, headaches.

Thank You

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