Craving Hot Sauce During Pregnancy Boy or Girl |2021

Are you dying for spicy food! Specifically craving hot sauce -you’re landing on the right page. Today, I will share my personal experience from craving hot sauce during pregnancy, boy or girl.

Spicy, Sweet, Sour food cravings are most common during pregnancy but are these really link to the baby’s gender?

Craving any spicy food or craving hot sauce during pregnancy indicates the baby boy is on his way. There is no scientific evidence of it. Craving spicy sauce while pregnancy meaning, drastic hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, and taste.

When it comes to spicy food, my mouth is drooling right now. I am sure you feel the same.

To explore more -why you are craving hot sauce during pregnancy, and is this true? The desire for spicy food-related to the baby’s gender stays with me.

The following all data (the gender one) is my own data, which I collected and arranged for so you can enjoy and clear your doubt. No authorized center link up.

If you are a regular here, you will know that I am a licensed pharmacist. I have a son. I love to collect such information related to gender, and this project is my fun activity while expecting. I continue the project and gather more info.

I asked 30 pregnant women. Based on their responses, I provided you with all of the information. However, yes, I am speaking from personal experience. I hope the information is helpful for you. 

What Does Craving Food During Pregnancy Mean

Craving food while pregnant varies from woman to woman. Although researchers consider craving for certain foods in pregnancy indicates- Nutritional Deficiency, hormonal changes, or prediction for gender.

When a large part of the body changes, some vital nutrients are deficient. Our brain fills it with signals through craving. Like Chocolate Milk craving while pregnant

Is Craving Hot Sauce During Pregnancy BOY or GIRL- Or Something Else

According to Old Wives’ tale, it believes individual food cravings can actually predict the gender of the baby. Although, there is no scientific explanation till it is 50% true.

My data and the Old wives’ Tale Hot sauce cravings are probability boys during pregnancy, while sweet cravings are a girl child.

In my time, I craved both spicy and sweet but spicy food, literally drooling my mouth. My stomach filled with spicy hot foods rather than sweet ones. This old Wives prediction was quite valid for me. I have my little prince.

However, This result is not the same for all.

Hold on, do you know craving hot sauce during pregnancy beyond that. Yes, hot sauce craving wants to say more.

1. You’re craving hot sauce during pregnancy because of -HORMONAL CHANGES.

In pregnancy, massive hormonal changes occur- thus leads to the change in our taste of food, even the smell.

Source of the image

You can see the picture, how our hormones drastically change throughout pregnancy.

Changes in hormones are one of the reasons for craving hot sauce during pregnancy.

2. Why am I craving Hot sauce while pregnant due to LOW IMMUNITY.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom, pregnant women cravings spicy food while they may have low immunity. 

Spicy food may protect from viruses, microbes both mother and the child. Spicy meals may help to increase immunity.

Note- to increase immunity takes a high amount of Zincproteins, and fruits like- apple, pomegranates, pears, guava, etc.

Read More- Zinc Containing Foods

3. Hot sauce craving in pregnancy means you’re OVERHEATED.

According to HealthLine, when your body is too much heated, your tendency to spicy carving more.

Thanks to spicy food. It may help to cool down. A compound named ” capsaicin” is present in hot chili act as a thermoregulator.

The compound capsaicin makes sweat. Therefore the body releases heat.

4. Craving for Hot Sauce during pregnancy because you are PREGNANT

The sound seems weird. Right? 

The baby center survey suggests that- 17% of women craving spicy foods while they are pregnant. 40% are desired for sweet, 10% craved sour foods, and 34% craving salty foods during their pregnancy.

craving for hot sauce

5. Desire for hot sauce when pregnant the cause is SMELL.

Smell becomes so sensitive part throughout gestation. A slight smell becomes uncomfortable during pregnancy.

So when we eat spicy hot sauces, the smell goes away. To keep from any awkward smell increases the fascination towards more spicy foods.

6. Craving Hot Sauce may clear your congested nose.

Many women easily catch a cold while pregnant, runny nose, congested nose feeling more miserable. Therefore hot sauce helps to relieve and relax the body.

After catching a cold, no one will avoid hot sauce. It genuinely helps to increase taste and pleasure.

After knowing all the reasons, you probably ask yourself is safe spicy food while pregnant?

Are there any benefits of Spicy hot sauce during pregnancy?

Spicy food consider safe and beneficial if it takes the right amount. These are benefits-

  • Increase metabolism
  • Help to increase immunity
  • Help in cold and congestion runny nose
  • Satisfied the food craving
  • Help in tolerating the sensitive smell.

Possible side effects of overeating of Hot sauce in pregnancy

Every food has a limit to intake, essentially while you’re a would-be mother. Become more concerned about foods must be avoided during this period.  

Therefore overconsuming hot sauce leads to-

  • Heartburn
  • Stomach upset
  • Increase morning sickness
  • Increase nausea and vomiting
  • Digestion problem
  • GERD syndrome ( Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  • Pregnancy discomfort
hot sauce while pregnant

How much should spicy food take when pregnant?

Though spicy food is safe, it has no harmful effect until you have consumed too much. Take a moderate amount of Hot sauce.

To avoid heartburn, get milk after spicy food and drink a lot of water.

Tips to avoid Too much consume Hot Sauce or How to overcome your CRAVING SPICY HOT SAUCE

1. Take frequently small meals

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water

3. Get enough sleep

4. Distract yourself doing a fun activity that I already mentioned previously

5. Eat healthy snacks like- fruits, smoothie

My Final Word for Your Extreme Craving Hot Sauce During Pregnancy Gender

Predict gender pretty fun activity at this time. Yet having a boy or girl can not definitely be answered by just-food cravings.

As I mentioned before- I collected data from random data from pregnant ladies. 

Analyzing their cravings and wait for the baby, this is the result- Among 21 out of 50 people who have craved Hot sauce entire experience, only 7 ( including me) of them have given birth to boys.

Now your turn, tell me your child, either boy or girl, and send me your cravings. I include my list and help me to continue the wondrous project.

Have a healthy & precious pregnancy. You will be an amazing mother. Is this help you? Comment me below.

These are some questions asked by would-be mothers. I answer here for you.

Q1. Craving Hot Sauce Early Pregnancy?

Craving hot sauce and then you eat to satisfy your craving does not harm the baby at all. 
Though you should not take too much and some women experience eating hot sauce can increase their morning sickness.

Q2. Craving Hot Sauce Before Period?

In the period body encounter significant hormonal changes, which lead to craving hot sauce before the period.

Q3. Craving Hot Sauce Deficiency

Craving hot sauce does not mean you have suffered from any deficiency.

Q4. What is the PH of Hot Sauce?

The PH of hot sauce is approximately 3.4 due to protection from bacteria growth.

Q5. Craving Hot Sauce and Pickles

Craving hot sauce indicates you’re overheating, and Pickels shows you are dehydrated.

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