16+ Benefits on | Bitter melon or bitter gourd during pregnancy

Bitter melon is a very well-known edible fruit throughout the world that comes with various nutritional values. As it is beneficial for our health, but one question arises, is it safe to eat bitter gourd during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an unexceptional moment for every woman in their life. It is a moment when everybody needs extra careful about the expecting mother when it comes to foods.

The food consumes by the mother can directly affect on the child.

During pregnancy comes a lot of weird craving. Some pregnant women who do not love bitter taste suddenly want to eat bitter gourd.

We need to know in advance whether the cravings will do us any good or harm.

Many women are confused when eating bitter. This article will clear up for them.

So, stay with us.

Bitter gourd is known as various names like bitter melon, karela, bitter apple, balsam-pear, or Momordica charantia.

Bitter gourd/Bitter melon is a very nutritious edible fruit. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Most of the Asian countries have Momordica charantia. They eat bitter gourd during pregnancy.

We will discuss risk as well as the benefits of bitter melon pregnancy.

Benefits of Bitter Gourd During Pregnancy:

Each fruit has some essential nutrients in it. It also shows some side effects.

Almost all of our diets are good for our daily health, but they may not give it during pregnancy. 

So it is better to know about it before eating anything during pregnancy.

Bitter Melon and Pregnancy these two relationships are slightly questionable. 

Some research says it’s good, and some research says it’s terrible.

So after this article, you will decide whether to eat it or not.

bitter gourd during pregnancy

Let’s talk about the benefits of Bitter melon pregnancy:

  • Bitter gourd has a high antioxidant property which purifies your blood and reduces your stress while pregnant.
  • Being high in Vitamin C has the property of wound healing, tissue repair, and promotes your iron absorption.
  • Folate, Folate is an element that is the most essential and vital during your gestational time. Bitter melon contains a high amount of folate, helps develop a baby’s growth, and prevents birth defects.
  • A good part of eating bitter gourd in pregnancy is that it keeps your bowel movement healthy and improve your gut function.
  • Most women suffer from constipation during their gestational period, but bitter melon helps improve gut health and increases iron absorption.
  • Karela has rich in vitamin C and, antioxidants act as immune boosters.
  • A high amount of vitamin A present in bitter gourd during pregnancy. It is essential to take Vit-A to better the baby’s eyesight, and Vitamin A promotes our healthy skin.
  • A full pack of nutrition like Vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, Potassium, Zinc, and magnesium present in bitter melon. These micronutrients are very much essential during pregnancy and baby’s health.
  • Contain a high amount of fibers. We all know fiber is another required macronutrients for a pregnant lady.

Fibers reduce your high BP, improves gut health, enhances the digestive system. A pregnant woman needs 25 to 30 gm of dietary fiber/day, and bitter gound carries around 1.9 gm of fiber.

  • Eating of bitter gourd during pregnancy can reduce cholesterol levels and gestational diabetes.
  • In most cases, during pregnancy, we become overweight is a cause for concern. But bitter melon helps us from that overweight.
  • Calcium is an excellent source of bitter gourd during pregnancy. We need calcium because it enhances the development of bones and teeth of the growing baby and your bone strength.
  • Iron is another one present in bitter melon. In pregnancy, iron is a crucial factor in regulating blood and increases RBC.
  • Other health benefits of bitter gourd during pregnancy are its numerous effects on cancer treatments, HIV, Kidney stone, liver disease, and ulcers.

So these are the benefits of bitter melon during pregnancy. 

Let’s talk about some side effects. Some research has shown that karela has side effects during pregnancy. 

How? I’m explaining

As I said, everything has a side effect. Mainly when you are pregnant, the things you eat daily can make your baby a harmful effect.

What are the side effects of bitter gourd during pregnancy?

It would be best if you avoided excessive bitter melon in early pregnancy.

  • It can cause diarrhea, 
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Nausea
  • In some women, eating bitter melon causes toxicity, such as flatulence.
  • Abdominal pain due to indigestion, stomach upset
  • The most significant risk is Favism. Favism is a condition in which the red blood cells in the middle of the body are destroyed or broken down immaturely, leading to anemia.
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle tiredness
  • Vomiting 
  • Above all, some pregnant women have been found to have contractions in the uterus due to excessive intake, which increases the risk of miscarriage.
  • Those who already have low blood sugar should avoid it

So these are the acute side of bitter gourd during pregnancy.

I say both the right and wrong sides. This time it will continue in your head, then you should eat it or not?

No need to worry, I’m a little more information to say, I will help you clear your sinking.

Then how much eating bitter melon pregnancy will not hurt?

A certain amount of bitter gourd is good. One cup twice a week.

Wash well and cook any vegetable or stir fry.

Not only bitter gourd, but any food also is not suitable for excessive eating in pregnancy. Because our digestive power is low during this time, Various hormonal variations occur in the body.

Everyday food can not be easily digested during pregnancy. So, don’t worry about this. If this happens, discuss it with a doctor directly.
I think it is helpful for you to dispel all your doubts.

Now let’s come to some FAQs regarding bitter melon pregnancy.

1. Can we eat bitter gourd during early pregnancy? 

Early pregnancy is a very crucial stage. Most of the miscarriages occur at an early stage. Besides, this time is the real stage of baby growth.

At this time, you need to eat the healthiest and most nutritious foods.

If you like to eat and crave for Karela, Consult a doctor, it will be best for you.

Otherwise, you can avoid it.

2. Bitter gourd when trying to conceive?

Conceiving seems like a simple process, but it is not very easy to be successful. Especially now, for so many environmental dilemmas.

No survey was found where it was stated that it’s right for conceiving.

bitter melon and fertility:

Bitter Melon Fertility is not a good combination though.

Many studies have shown in the dog, that giving Bitter Melon’s extract reduces sperm count.

Again, research studies have shown that the combination of rats and rabbits gives the seeds’ extract.

They have come down. However, the studios were only available to the animals, and the results were found.No such examination was done in humans. So, it’s better to avoid bitter melon when trying to conceive.

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3. Eating bitter gourd during breastfeeding :

Since there is no such study, and there are some that have the opposite effect.

Breastfeeding mothers can eat 1 cup twice a week for a minimal amount.

Better yet, consult your doctors.

He has been watching your womb from day one,

He will know which is safe and healthy for you and your baby.

4. Does bitter gourd cause miscarriage?

Yes, it’s quite right that bitter melon can cause miscarriage, but how?

Excessive intake of bitter gourd during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, but a moderate amount to be safe and healthy.

Bitter melon contains alkaline compounds like resins, quinine, saponin glycoside. These are not good for a pregnant mother.

These compounds can cause uterine thickening or muscles to lead to preterm birth. 

Therefore, this is not a favored veggie for pregnant women if bitter gourd ripens out, which means it turns into deep yellowish or orange in color and red seeds inside.

5. Are bitter gourd seeds edible?

In my opinion, it’s better to avoid seeds. The seeds contain a toxic element call Vicine, which leads to Favism. Favism is a condition where red blood cells break down an immature state. That supposed to leads anemia.

6. Bitter gourd for toddler:

Bitter gourd is suitable for toddlers. It is also healthy and nutritious for children.

It can help to purify the blood, make bones stronger because it also contains calcium.

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 improve children’s eyesight. Contain iron so reduces the risk of anemia.

Vitamin C helps to repair wounds.

It helps to reduce blood glucose levels that have Diabetics.

Note: Excess ripen karela is not good at all, and the red arils found in seeds are toxic for children.

So, try to give them a fresh and green one.

7. Is bitter melon good in pregnancy?

The bitter melon contains a lot of fiber, which fills our stomachs for a long time and reduces junk food cravings.

Reduce blood sugar levels. Reduce cholesterol levels.

Being rich in Vitamin C helps improve immunity and fight against harmful bacteria comes within gestational time.

Bitter melon pregnancy is relatively healthy but in a moderate amount.

Our view on bitter melon pregnancy:

Since it is a Confusion topic, considering eating less, it does not show any side effects. You can eat bitter melon in pregnancy.

Karela contains lots of minerals and vitamins that good for our health.

But before eating, always ask your doctor or a health care provider.

If you have some hypersensitivity, it would be best if you avoided it throughout pregnancy.

Hope this article helps you.

Thank You.

Written By: Riya Paul ( Asst. Prof. of Biotechnology)

Reviewed By: Saikat Bera ( Asst. Prof of Pharmacology)

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