Are Strawberries Acidic or Alkaline/Basic Fruits | PH Level

Strawberries are a well-known fruit worldwide due to their sweeter and less bitter flavor, which is commonly used in desserts.

Nowadays, the majority of people suffer from stomach problems or acid reflux. Limiting acidic foods is always a good idea in this case.

So the point is the strawberries are acidic or alkaline?

In short, strawberries are acidic due to the fruit’s PH range of 3 to 3.5. As you may know, anything less than 6.99 is considered acidic.

If your favorite fruit is strawberries, don’t be disappointed by the answer because the PH levels of foods and fruits vary. It means that the PH inside the body is not the same.

Remember, the PH level outside the body and inside the body are totally different.

However, the rest of the article dives deep into the acidic and alkaline properties of strawberries, whether strawberries are bad for acid reflux, what about frozen strawberries, and many more interesting querries that clear all your doubts.

Are strawberries acidic or alkaline?

First of strawberries are acidic because of the PH range that is 3 to 3.5. 

The PH scale ranges from 0 to 14. In which case the neutral phase is 7. If the range is greater than 7, it is said to be alkaline, and if it is less than 7, it is said to be acidic. When the range is close to zero, the answer is more acidic.

According to research, fruits and foods that contain more sugar produce more acid after digestion.

However, strawberries are low in sugar as compare to blueberry’s acidity.

100 grams of strawberries contains 4.9 grams or one cup of strawberries contains 7 grams of sugar.

Are strawberries acidic or alkaline

Besides that strawberries contains a combination of five acids.

  • Citric acid
  • Malic acid
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Ellagic acid

Citric acid is mainly responsible for its acidic nature because 100 grams of strawberries contain 1200 mg to 1435 mg. Though it varies because ripe fruits contain more sugar means more acid.

Don’t be confused between citric acid and vitamin C, both are different substances.

Ascorbic acid: Strawberries are high in ascorbic acid. A cup of strawberries contains 85 grams of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Even though it is acidic, it has numerous health benefits such as increased immunity, stronger bone, good for teeth, and many more.

Malic acid levels decrease as the fruit ripens. Malic acid is present in approximately 0.22 to 0.69 gm per 100 ml of strawberries. It is also used as a preservative in foods.

Pantothenic acid: Strawberries contain 0.18 mg of pantothenic acid, which is a component of vitamin B5 and helps with metabolism.

Ellagic acid:  95% ellagic acid is present in the strawberry’s pulp. It’s a natural acid and also good for our health.

I think now you have a clear idea about how acidic strawberries are.

Is strawberry good for acid reflux?

If you suffer from acid reflux, you must eat more basic or less acidic foods. You have the option of selecting it from the PH range.

If you are suffering from acid reflux or GERD, then limit your consumption. Excessive eating may worsen your symptoms.

It does not mean you have to stop eating because the PH level is 3 to 3.5 and when it goes into the body after absorption it’s showing alkaline effects.

I am aware that the acidic nature of the substance may cause harm during absorption. In this case, if your symptoms (chest pain, vomiting) occur no more than twice a week, you can eat strawberries, but not in excess.

If you take strawberries with some alkaline foods like yogurt, mushroom, nuts then it’s best for you as well as support good acid reflux.

Try to combine strawberries with alkaline foods, and you will get the best results.

If you’re still unsure about how to choose alkaline foods for combination, take a screenshot of the section below.

  • Foods with a pH of 1 are extremely acidic.
  • Foods with a pH of 7 are considered neutral.
  • Foods with a pH of 14 are extremely alkaline.

Health benefits of eating strawberries

Strawberries are high in nutrients such as fiber, protein, fat, vitamin c, etc. Though the fruit is acidic, eating it has numerous health benefits, only a few of which are mentioned.

1. As you know strawberries contain vitamin c and antioxidants that increase your immunity and are good for skin health.

2. Helps to regulate your blood pressure and protect your heart from various diseases.

3. The fruit contains fiber that improves your digestive health and also reduces the risk of constipation.

4. Ellagic acid also founds in strawberries. It is also an antioxidant that protects your body and also minimizes the risk of cancer.

5. The fruit contains anthocyanins that increase good cholesterol levels and blood platelet functions.

As you can see, it is not a good idea to skip strawberries; instead, try to limit them and consult with your doctor about how many are good for your body.

Are frozen strawberries acidic?

Yes, frozen strawberries are also acidic, and nothing changes happen with the PH. A study found that color changes occur as a result of PH, but this does not prove that there are any changes on a PH level.

Frozen strawberries also tart in taste where fresh one is sweeter.

Are freeze-dried strawberries acidic?

When it comes to nutrients especially vitamin C, it’s become half when you eat freeze-dried strawberries. It does not mean the PH level also decreases.

When you freeze fruits, they lose water, which means you eat more strawberries than fresh ones. More strawberries equate to more sugar. As I previously stated, more sugar after digestion produces more acid.

Are strawberries acidic to teeth?

Yes, strawberries are acidic to teeth, but they also have benefits such as keeping your teeth free of strains and whitening them.

However, always wash your mouth after eating or drinking acidic fruits and foods that protect your teeth.

Are strawberries acidic to GERD?

The answer is yes and sometimes no. If you eat or drink strawberries in a limited amount or with any alkaline foods, then it’s healthy and beneficial.

However, if you have a gastric disease, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, adding strawberries may be the worst idea.

Are strawberries acidic to babies?

Strawberries, in general, are good foods for babies and also offer after six months. Strawberries are naturally acidic, which is why they are also acidic for babies.

The bottom line about strawberries and their acidity factors

At last, we can summarize that strawberries are acidic, and it’s PH is 3 to 3.5 though it varies from green to ripe.

If you are thinking about avoiding acidic foods, I recommend that you reconsider because many cravings may arise, which can sometimes worsen your feelings.

Strawberries are a nutritious fruit that you should try to incorporate into your diet; if you are still unsure, pair them with alkaline foods such as raisins, potatoes, spinach, and so on.

Strawberries can be consumed following your body’s demands. It’s not too bad if you have acid reflux. However, before eating any acidic foods or fruits, especially during acid reflux, always consult with your doctor.


Q1. Are strawberries more acidic than lemons?

No, lemons are more acidic than strawberries because lemons have a PH range of 2 to 3, where strawberries have 3 to 3.5.

Q2. Are strawberries more acidic than blueberries?

When it comes to acidity, strawberries and blueberries are nearly identical because strawberries have a PH range of 3 to 3.5 and blueberries have a PH range of 3.12 to 3.33.
We’re discussing the standard range. Aside from that, the PH level varies from green to ripen.

Q3. Are strawberries more acidic than oranges?

Surprisingly yes, strawberries are more acidic than oranges because the PH of oranges is 3.69 to 4.34. It means oranges are not too high acidic.

Q4. Strawberries acidity level?

Strawberries have a PH range of 3 to 3.5, while strawberry jam has a PH range of 3 to 3.4. When it comes to varieties, nothing such as PH range changes can be seen here.

Q5. Can I eat strawberries every day?

one can consume an average of 7 strawberries each day. Clinical studies have found that following this advice can have several advantages, including enhanced cardiac functions, lowered tumour risk, and better type 2 diabetes management.

Q6. What happens if you consume an excessive number of strawberries?

It’s possible that your stomach will upset. Heartburn, diarrhoea, reflux, and bloating are all possible symptoms.

Q7. How long do strawberries last?

Strawberry should not be washed until ready to eat or used to extend their shelf life. Strawberries will last about a week in the refrigerator if stored properly.

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