Are Onions Acidic or Alkaline Foods? [Red, Green, White]

Onions are famous vegetables that are used in most dishes because of their taste and flavor.

You should be concerned about its nature because a study found that 63 million Americans suffer from acid reflux, also known as GERD, and its symptoms.

If you are suffering from that, you must know how serious the matter is and about the pain. In this situation, you must know the dishes and it’s nature mean acidic or basic. Otherwise, the symptoms may worsen.

So, are onions acidic or alkaline and is it bad for acid reflux?

Let’s straight to the point, onions are acidic on the pH scale and it may worsen your acid reflux symptoms If you are suffering from this disease.

However, there are many varieties of onions, and some of them are less acidic. That will discuss in the letter section.

To your knowledge, the entire article is all about the onions and it’s acidity when they become more acidic, how bad during acid reflux, the name of acid present in the onions, and different types of onions and acidity.

So stay tuned and read it carefully, then choose it according to your health condition.

Are onions acidic or alkaline foods?

Onions are acidic and have pH 5 to 5.8. It is acidic, but less compared to lemons, tomato, and many fruits and vegetables.

The pH of red and white onions is 5.8, while yellow onions have a pH of 5.6. Yellow onions are more acidic as a result.

Cooked onions have a higher pH, which is close to 6, which is why some people believe they are alkaline. It is also acidic but mildly acidic compared to raw from.

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Are onions bad for acid reflux?

If you’re wondering if onions are safe for acid reflux, the answer is that it depends on your health.

If you have a healthy digestive system and no symptoms of GERD, the vegetables are fine to eat. However, for those who suffer from acid reflux, eating onions may worsen your symptoms and produce more gas.

Don’t be concerned about negative effects because eating a lot of vegetables is required to achieve this type of effect. As you know cooked from onions is less acidic compare to raw that’s why you have less chance of acidic symptoms like headaches, heartburn, etc.

Several foods are known to cause heartburn in a large group of people. The majority of these foods relax the esophageal sphincter (LES), the muscle that connects your esophagus to your stomach. Acid can start flowing into your esophagus when this muscle relaxes, having caused heartburn.

In this situation adding alkaline foods like-

Try to minimize eating too acidic foods and fruits like-

Are onions acidic when cooked?

Onions are still acidic after cooking, but less than raw form and the pH is also near 6. If you add spicy ingredients during preparation like bell peppers, tomatoes then it becomes more acidic.

Are caramelized onions acidic?

Caramelized onions are made by combining sugar and onions to create a brownish color. Sugar, on the other hand, is bad for acid reflux, but if you heat it with water, it loses calories and sweetness. The pH range also increases and it becomes neutral.

Caramelized onions are the cooked from of the vegetables and it’s mildly acidic but the best alternative compare to other forms of onions.

Are spring onions acidic or alkaline?

Spring onion knew scallions, and they’re acidic, but after being degraded in the stomach, it becomes alkaline. However, during acid reflux, it may worsen your symptoms, that’s why people substitute the food with shallots.

Is white onion acidic?

White onions are acidic because it’s pH is 5.8, but it closer to neutral value 7. That’s why it considers less acidic.

Are green onions acidic?

Green onions and spring onions are almost the same. The only difference is the bulb size. However, the vegetables are also acidic on the pH scale and have almost the same pH that is 5.7.

Are pickled onions acidic?

Pickled onions are highly acidic, and avoiding such foods during aid reflux is a good choice. Pickled onions contain lime juice and vinegar, both are highly acidic that’s why pickled onions are super acidic food.

Are red onions acidic?

This article almost talks about red onions. As you read, it’s less acidic and cooked from of the onions make near the neutral value on the pH scale.

Are yellow onions acidic?

Yes, yellow onions are more acidic than red, white, or green onions. However, it is only a 0.2 difference that does not make a significant difference in acidity, but it is technically more acidic when compared to other types of onions.

Is onion good for you?

Onions contain many healthy minerals and vitamins like vitamin B6, C, potassium, folate, calcium, manganese, copper, and many more.

1. Onions are high in antioxidants, which help to protect you from free radicals and lower your risk of heart disease.

2. The vegetables also strengthen the bone and also maintain blood sugar levels.

3. Although onions are beneficial to digestive health, they may aggravate acid reflux symptoms.

Always consult with your doctor before eating anything during acid reflux.

Wrap up on onions and their nature

As you can see, onions are not the best vegetables during acid reflux, and their pH is 5 to 5.8, which is also acidic on the pH scale.

Cooked and caramelized onions are a little bit high in pH that is near neutral value. If you love to eat, then prefer soaked or cooked onion those are a preferable better choice than other forms.

Red and white onions are the best choice if you have to choose a type, compare to other onions.

During acid reflux, I recommend starting your day with rooibos tea or green Lipton tea, then focusing on some alkaline fruit and eating a meal at regular intervals, and drinking more water throughout the day.

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Remember, the above answer is clearly meant to provide general health information only and is not a substitute for a doctor’s opinion or treatment recommendations.


Are shallots less acidic than onions?

Yes, shallots are less acidic than onions, and shallots also prefer to grow at the pH of 6.0 to 7.0. A slight difference between shallots and onions. Shallots become alkaline after digestion and maintain a pH of 8.5.

How do you reduce acid on onions?

Place the onions in the water and baking soda solution for at least 15 minutes. According to the findings, soaked onions have less acid.

Which acid present in onion makes onion acidic?

Onions contain many acids that make the vegetables acidic. Names are below-
Glutamic acid
Citric acid
Malic acid
Pyruvic acid
Tartaric acid
Oxalic acid

Which onions are less acidic?

All types of onions are acidic in varying degrees, but red and white onions are the least acidic.

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